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Product name : Sic (silicon carbide) ceramic foam filter
Item : FCF-T
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Sic (Silicon Carbide) Ceramic Foam Filter For Iron Castings Filtration

Products confirm with China National Standard.

Application: For the filtration of molten Iron, copper, aluminum and alloy. 

Silicon carbide ceramic foam filters are mainly designed to improve the quality of iron castings. The filter can effectively remove non-metallic inclusions including slag and dross from the molten metal stream.Additionally, they aid in reducing turbulence in the gating system.
SIC ceramic foam filter's outstanding thermal shock resistance and high strength properties were developed for superior performance in extreme iron or aluminum and copper based alloy foundry applications.
Product Features:

  • Precise sizes control during filter media sponge cutting to final sinter.
  • High strength with enough slurry and free from loose debris,no break and no filter slag
  • Branded main raw material to ensure stable quality
  • Good porosity and free from block during pouring molten metal
  • Mature sintering technology to ensure high refractory and good thermal shock resistance.

Technique data:

Main material: Silicon Carbide
Max. applied temperature: ≤1500℃
Color:Gray black
Hole density (PPI):10/20/25/30(PPI=pores per inch)
Porosity(%): 80-90
High temperature bending strength(Mpa):≥2.5
Bending strength(Mpa):≥1.5
Compressive Strength(MPa) :≥1.0
Bulk Density(g/cm3): 0.43
Thermal shock resistance: 6 times/1100℃-room temp.


Different sizes and PPI can be made upon customer request
With round,square and rectangle shapes.Size tolerance:±1mm
Pore size: 10PPI/20PPI/25PPI/30PPI.PPI tolerance:± 2PPI

Quality assurance:
-Main raw materials are all imported branded and inspected on each procurement
-ISO 9001:2008 certified factory with strictly implementation
-Production strictly follow up National filter standard
-In process inspection on filter size,refractory and porosity
-100% inspection on every finished filters size to ensure applicability
-Authorized third party inspection certificate   

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